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Quality Partial Dentures in Atherton Provide Confidence

Partial Dentures in Atherton Get more confidence and a better quality of life with our excellent partial dentures in Atherton. We have a team of professionals on board who have the best credentials. Our friendly and caring approach is what sets us apart from others in this field. Thus, our comprehensive range of services includes complete and partial dentures, repairs, cleaning and relining. If you require specialist sports guards and mouth guards, we supply them too. Partial dentures are used to fill gaps left by missing teeth. You may have lost one or more teeth through an accident, injury or disease. You can choose to fit partial dentures made from acrylic, chrome or other metal. The price will differ based on the material used. These dentures are removable and easy to clean.

For clients in Atherton, partial dentures can replace one or two teeth in your upper or lower jaw. However, you cannot replace an entire set of teeth with partial dentures. You will have to select a complete set for this. Another aspect that we consider when recommending partial dentures is equally important. You will need some healthy teeth to ensure that partial dentures fit securely. These dentures don’t merely serve a cosmetic function. They help you to chew and speak better. They also protect the remaining healthy teeth. If gaps are left in the jaw, healthy teeth can migrate out of their position. This leads to further complications. When you get partial dentures, you can wear them for a few hours and remove them at night. This is the time to clean them thoroughly so that they’re fresh and  hygienic for the next day.

Partial dentures in Atherton make a huge difference to your smile. The materials used include different types of polymers, titanium, plastic, resin, a mixture of cobalt and chromium. Modern options include flexible dentures made of lightweight thermoplastic. Contact Bolton Denture Centre for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our team consists of well-qualified, trained, and experienced professionals. Hence, all our pricing is competitive and pocket friendly. Hence, this is achieved with no compromise on quality or service. Furthermore, you can benefit from our excellent repair and cleaning services as well.