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Based in Bromley Cross Bolton, all of our services are priced competitively, so you never have to compromise on quality. Call us today on 01204 382244 to arrange a no obligation appointment.
Partial Dentures in Radcliffe

Bespoke Complete Dentures

Our highest quality and most natural looking dentures consider gender, age, and personality when restoring your smile and appearance. These dentures offer a unique individuality.
By bringing together the individual elements of your smile, including teeth, gums, lips and how they interact together with your face as a whole, the smiles we create are in harmony with your appearance and truly unique.
An outstanding lifelike appearance can be achieved by simple guidelines, using tooth shapes specifically designed for males and females, arranging teeth to correspond with personality and age and sculpting the denture gum with more natural colour contours.
Partial Dentures in Atherton

Premium Complete Dentures

Experience a higher quality of materials with greater choice and dentures as individual as you are. Producing Premier dentures requires a higher level of technical expertise, laboratory and clinical time, which is reflected in what these dentures cost. As well as offering a wide choice in shape and colour.
Dentures in Tottington

Standard Complete Dentures

If you want high quality yet affordable dentures, this choice is for you. This option of denture offers a basic selection of tooth shapes, colours and denture materials without compromising on quality.
Even with this level of denture, our standard in service and craftsmanship are never anything less than perfect.
Dentures in Edgeworth

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to fill any gaps left by missing teeth. At Bolton Denture Centre we offer acrylic partial dentures or chrome/metal partial dentures which can be used to replace single teeth or several missing teeth.
The cost of a partial denture will be given on the go ahead with the treatment as the price will be dependant on what type you chose to have made.
As a CDT to be able to make a partial denture we need a letter of referral off a dentist before we can do so. This is a legal requirement we must follow.
After coming to see us for a FREE consultation if you decided to go ahead with the treatment we will provide you with the information we need you to get from your own dentist.
If you do not have a dentist of your own we can book you an appointment with a dentist who works down the road from us, they will do a check up and provide us with the information we need.
This is a separate cost to you from £65.00 which is paid directly to them upon completing the treatment.
Denture Repair in Astley

Denture Repair

Our denture repairs can fix fractured dentures, chipped teeth and replace missing teeth so they look like new. If your denture has broken whilst you are wearing it or has broken multiple times it’s important to note that there could be a problem with the fit of your denture.
We offer free consultations for you to have them checked to see if a new denture may be required. It usually takes around 1 HOUR to repair a denture (dependant on the damage). Please note that if you attempt a repair yourself via means of glue or home repair kits, this may damage your denture further and adversely affect the health of your teeth and/or gums.
Before and After Dentures in Bolton

Denture Cleaning

Regular home cleaning is essential to keep your denture and mouth free from bacteria but unfortunately, this cannot always prevent a build-up of plaque and tartar. Just like natural teeth, this is hard to remove and will require special attention. Ignoring build-up of these bacteria can be very harmful, not only staining your denture and teeth, but also causing irritation of the gums and tongue, bad breath and in some cases fungal infections within the mouth.
Our cleaning system takes around 20-30 minutes in which time your denture receives an intense cleaning service so it can be kept as hygienic as possible. Our charge is only £55 for a full set of dentures and £30 for either an upper or lower and we recommend that this deep clean is done 3-4 times per year.
Dentures Cost in Bromley Cross

Denture Relining

The shape of gums and bones can change over time, causing dentures to become ill-fitting. Relining, which is a method of adjusting the internal part of the base of the dentures with acrylic resin, can correct the fit. Relining will improve the fit of the dentures ONLY! It also helps the dentures to last longer while, at the same time, improving oral hygiene.

Sports and Mouth Guards

We have a range of Sports and Mouth guards available.