Clinical Dental Technician in Harwood

Professional Clinical Dental Technician in Harwood

Clinical Dental Technician in HarwoodA top clinical dental technician in Harwood is available to assist you with your new dentures. You may be wondering what a clinical dental technician actually is. As such, a CDT is a person with the qualifications necessary to create, repair and strengthen dentures. Furthermore, this is an exacting role that requires patience and skill. At the Bolton Denture Centre, we are dental clinical technicians, ready to assist you as you need us. Our CDT has different roles, including taking the impression for the dentures as well as making the dentures. Our CDTs have the right and necessary qualifications.

Hence, a CDT with registration is able to give oral examinations and to check that the mouth is in a healthy state. As such, in Harwood, our clinical dental technician, in order to make a partial denture, needs a letter of referral from a dentist before we can do so. This is a legal requirement we must follow. The first consultation you have with us is free of charge. Furthermore, we will guide and advise you on the correct process to follow. You may need partial or full dentures. It is best to speak to a team of experts about your needs. A clinical dental technician can also take impressions of your mouth which then assists in the production of high quality dentures.

A clinical dental technician in Harwood has the hands on experience to assist you with your requirements. If you do not have your own dentist for the necessary information, we can refer you to one. Bearing in mind that a letter of referral from a dentist is necessary for your partial dentures. However, we can assist you directly for a full set of dentures. Contact Bolton Denture Centre today to find out how our clinical dental technician can assist you. We take great pride in our exceptional quality of workmanship. Furthermore, we are a courteous, professional and friendly team. We can assist you with the perfect set of dentures.