Partial Dentures in Bolton

Partial Dentures in Bolton are an Ideal Choice for Missing Teeth

Partial Dentures in Bolton Opt for partial dentures in Bolton if you have missing teeth in your mouth. They help to maintain normal functions such as chewing or talking. They also prevent existing teeth from shifting. Further, they make your smile more attractive. We offer top quality services from our expert CDT’s (clinical dental technicians). Whether your need is for a permanent solution or a short term one, we’re glad to be of help. We specialise in fitting natural looking, secure, and natural feeling dentures. Our focus is on ensuring that you feel and look great all the time. We use only the best materials, equipment and technologies. Visit our state-of-the-art clinic to get more details about our products and services.

For clients in Bolton, partial dentures are less invasive and more cost-effective than many other tooth replacement choices. They have a resin base. Artificial teeth are inserted into this base and then inserted. We take accurate measurements and dimensions of your mouth and face before manufacture. This is to ensure that your partial dentures look and feel as natural as possible. They may use clasps that wrap around your existing teeth to make them more secure. We spend time and effort on making sure that these partial dentures fit perfectly. This helps to distribute the biting forces more evenly. It prevents trauma to your gums and mouth. Well-fitting dentures restore your confidence and enhance your socialisation.

We recommend partial dentures in Bolton if some of your natural teeth are healthy and can be saved. Your dentist or orthodontist will give you the right advice. If necessary, we can add more teeth to a partial denture set. Our team can give you the right inputs on care and maintenance. There is a risk of plaque build-up around the adjacent teeth if the partial dentures are not cleaned properly. Furthermore, regular cleaning with the right cleaning agents is important. We recommend that you remove your partial dentures at night. Hence, this helps to prevent trauma or shifting of the teeth while you’re sleeping. Contact Bolton Denture Centre for more information today. We help you with the right products, services, and advice.