Partial Dentures in Atherton

Partial Dentures in Atherton – Renew Your Smile

Partial Dentures in Atherton Renew your smile with our partial dentures in Atherton.

Partial dentures are very popular today because they help replace one or more missing teeth. Many people lose teeth at varying ages for different reasons. Some people lose teeth due to accidents, fights, illnesses or poor oral health. Others have teeth removed due to irregular dental growth patterns. Whatever the reason behind missing teeth, they often interfere with your self-esteem. Missing teeth cause many people to hide their smiles and avoid interactions. Yet, with a simple procedure, partial dentures can restore your smile to its original state. Missing teeth have been associated with low confidence levels in people of all ages.

Dentures also help you restore the shape of your face, ease of chewing and speech clarity. Hence,in Atherton, our partial dentures have helped many people renew their self-image and develop confidence in how they look and sound. When speaking your tongue uses your teeth at boundaries to shape letters and articulate words. Missing teeth can make it challenging to form some sounds and negativley affect your speech. We provide high-quality yet competitively-priced dentures. Our Clinical Dental Technicians (CDT)are skilled in designing and installing acrylic, chrome and metal dentures that fit elegantly into the gap in your teeth. We have free consultations where we assess and advise on the best solution for your missing teeth. By law, our CDTs need a dentist’s referral letter to make your partial dentures. If you don’t have a dentist we can refer you to one down the road from us.

If you need partial dentures in Atherton, don’t wait one more day! The longer you take to replace missing teeth, the harder or more complicated the procedure will become. Missing teeth can cause infection or weakening of their neighbours. As such, you may lose more teeth when you neglect to address a missing one. Contact Bolton Denture Centre today for high-quality partial dentures. In additipn, we also provide a range of complete dentures and cost-effective denture cleaning, relining and repair services.