Dentures in Tottington

Dentures in Tottington – Our Experts Can Assist

Dentures in Tottington The construction of dentures in Tottington involves a methodical and collaborative process carried out by dental professionals. Commencing with an initial consultation, the patient meets with a dentist or prosthodontist to discuss their dental needs and expectations. This consultation involves a comprehensive examination of the patient’s oral health. During this process, impressions of the gums, jaws, and any remaining teeth are taken. These impressions, captured using dental putty or digital scanning technology, lay the foundation for the subsequent steps. The impressions guide the creation of plaster or digital models of the patient’s mouth. This is a crucial step that ensures accuracy and a tailored fit. Subsequently, a wax try-in is generated based on these models.

As a result of this wax model in Tottington, dentures can be immediately tested. It allows the patient to evaluate the fit, appearance, and alignment of the dentures before they are finalised. Any necessary adjustments are made during this phase to guarantee optimal comfort. As the process advances, the denture framework takes shape using materials like acrylic resin or metal. The selection of artificial teeth follows, with options of acrylic or porcelain, based on the patient’s preferences and requirements. These artificial teeth are thoughtfully positioned within the denture framework. The combined structure is then subjected to heat/ pressure, a process that ensures the creation of a durable denture base. With the completed denture in hand, the focus shifts to fitting and adjustment. The dentist assesses various aspects including fit, bite alignment, and overall appearance.

Adjustments are meticulously carried out to refine the dentures in Tottington. This ensures they not only function optimally but also provide a comfortable and secure fit. Upon achieving an ideal fit and functionality, the final dentures are produced. During this phase, the patient receives essential instructions on denture care, maintenance, and proper usage. These guidelines are crucial for maintaining the longevity and effectiveness of the dentures. Even after the dentures are delivered, the process continues with follow-up appointments. These appointments offer the opportunity to address any emerging issues. Contact Bolton Denture Centre for dentures. Let’s make the best dentures possible for you.