Dentures in Edgeworth

Dentures in Edgeworth Bring Back Your Missing Smile

Dentures in Edgeworth If you have missing teeth, consider our quality dentures in Edgeworth. Dentures are oral appliances used to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures replace one or more gaps left by missing teeth, while complete dentures replace the entire upper jaw, lower jaw or both. Some negative physical effects of missing teeth include the inability to chew food properly, speech impairment and vulnerability to gum injuries. Missing teeth can also affect you psychosocially by lowering your self-esteem, confidence, expressiveness and interpersonal communication skills. It takes highly specialised skills and equipment to fabricate high-quality dentures. Since quality dentures last between five and ten years, it pays to get them from professional Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs).

We have been in the dental industry for many years and found value in specialising in denture design, fabrication and continuous care. In Edgeworth, our dentures are available in varying design styles to suit every budget. We have Premium Complete Dentures, Premier Complete Dentures, Standard Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures. While our meet high quality and performance standards, their prices vary due to the fabrication techniques and materials. Our Premium Complete Dentures feature unique designs that consider gender, age, personality and gum colour contours. Premier Complete Dentures focus on perfecting the denture teeth’ colours and shapes to give them a natural look and feel. Our Standard Complete Dentures have basic shapes, colours and denture materials. They are high-quality yet affordable dentures designed for optimal functionality.

All our CDTs have the necessary quaifications and experience to provide exceptional dentures in Edgeworth. With years of experience, our CDTs are a class above our competitors because we focus on quality. As such, we are passionate about the impact our work has on your lifestyle. We understand that restoring your smile is a gift that benefits your family, friends and colleagues. Contact Bolton Denture Centre today if you need dentures. Thus, we evaluate your condition carefully to make unique denture options for your selection. Furthermore, we also guide you on appropriate denture care procedures to enhance durability and optimal function over time.