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Choose Excellent Quality Partial Dentures in West Houghton

Partial Dentures in West HoughtonChoose top-quality partial dentures in West Houghton when you need to replace one or two missing teeth. These are usually removable. They can replace teeth in both upper and lower jaw. Our top Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs) can provide world-class services. We use state of the art technology and materials to provide perfectly fitting dentures with a superb, natural look and feel. We offer a comprehensive range of dental services, based on a letter of reference from a qualified dentist. Services include premium and standard complete dentures, partial dentures, sport and mouth guards, dental cleaning and repairs. Our partial denture selection includes acrylic, resin, and chrome/metal products.

For clients in West Houghton, partial dentures are not merely for cosmetic purposes. They help you to chew better and speak more clearly. Partial dentures are essential to preserve the health of your remaining teeth. Missing teeth form gaps that cause other teeth to shift and form misalignments. You can conveniently remove and clean partial dentures at night. This is a hygienic practice and ensures that you don’t develop caries or cavities in healthy teeth. Hence, you may have lost one or two teeth in an accident or injury, or due to decay. Furthermore, teeth could have been extracted for some reason. Whatever the circumstances, your dentist may refer you to a CDT to be fitted for partial dentures. Thus, they usually have precision attachments that connect to your existing teeth or implants.

The partial dentures in West Houghton that we provide will match your existing teeth. Hence, you can choose a temporary option of partial dentures if you have just had some teeth extracted. Your gums may take up to six months to heal before any other work can be done. In the meantime, we can begin to construct your permanent partial dentures. Thus, plastic products may be more affordable, and you will find them more lightweight and flexible. They are easier to clean and repair. Get in touch with Bolton Denture Centre for a free, no-obligations consultation and more information. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals can give you the right advice and assistance.