Bolton Denture Centre: Perfect Fitting Dentures Before and After in Harwood


Bolton Denture Centre is a leading dental laboratory specialising in creating perfect fitting, secure, natural looking and feeling dentures. With our team of qualified Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs), we aim to reignite your confidence by restoring your smile. With our dentures, you can feel good again, even in Harwood.

Our Expertise

Our core strength lies in the expertise of our Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs). These professionals are highly trained and experienced in creating dentures that not only fit perfectly but also feel natural. Our priority is to make you feel confident, to smile and feel good again. We believe that excellent dentistry goes beyond just supplying a new crown or denture. It’s about supporting the clinician in all areas of dentistry through constant communication.

Our Services in Harwood

We offer a range of services in Harwood, including:

  • Creating perfect fitting dentures
  • Providing secure and natural looking dentures
  • Supporting clinicians in all areas of dentistry

Before and After Dentures

Our ‘before and after’ denture service is one of our key offerings in Harwood. We aim to show you the dramatic difference a well-fitted denture can make to your appearance and confidence. Our focus is on ensuring that the transition is smooth and the results are outstanding.


Bolton Denture Centre is not just a dental laboratory; we are a dedicated team committed to restoring your smile and confidence. We operate with the belief that excellent dentistry is about more than just the end product; it’s about the journey and the communication involved in getting there. For the residents of Harwood, we provide perfect fitting, secure, natural looking and feeling dentures that make you feel good again.