Bolton Denture Centre: Before and After Dentures Company Operating in Egerton

Bolton Denture Centre: A Leading Dental Laboratory in the UK

Our company, Bolton Denture Centre, prides itself on being a leading provider of superior quality, natural-looking dentures. With a strong presence in Bolton and now operating in Egerton, our focus remains on delivering top-notch dental solutions that inspire confidence in our clients.

Why Choose Bolton Denture Centre?

  • Expert Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs): Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced CDTs who specialise in creating perfect fitting, secure, and natural looking and feeling dentures.

  • Client-focused Approach: We believe in the power of a radiant smile and how it can impact an individual’s self-esteem. This conviction drives us to ensure every client regains their confidence to smile again.

  • Supportive Dental Laboratory: More than just supplying a new crown or denture, our aim is to assist and support clinicians in all areas of dentistry. This we achieve through a commitment to constant communication.

  • Passionate Team: A dedicated and passionate team is at the heart of our operations. Our staff are committed to providing the best support for all your dental laboratory needs.

Our Services in Egerton

Expanding our reach to Egerton, we bring our top-of-the-line denture services closer to you. Here are our highlighted services:

  1. Before and After Dentures: Witness the transformation that our dentures bring. From initial fitting to the final result, observe the remarkable change in your smile.

  2. Perfect Fitting Dentures: Our experienced CDTs ensure your dentures are a perfect fit, resulting in a secure and comfortable feel.

  3. Support and Consultation: We provide comprehensive support and consultation services, helping clinicians navigate all areas of dentistry.


Whether you’re based in Bolton or residing in Egerton, Bolton Denture Centre is your trusted partner for all denture needs. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our client-centric approach, guarantees you a smile you can be proud of. Experience the Bolton Denture Centre difference today.